How do I book with you?

Please fill out the contact form or email info@prernaco.com with details about your event such as the; date, ready time, number & type of services required and location.

Once we have finalized details of your booking, a 40% deposit in Canadian dollars must be paid in order to confirm date of booking. If more than one service is being provided, half (20%) of the deposit will go towards each service. i.e. 20% for makeup and 20% for hair. If client chooses to cancel or change any particular service for any reason, the deposit for that service will be forfeited and non-refundable. After a deposit is sent, a contract must be signed. The contract entails most of the information found on my website in addition to any other important information specific to the booking. I do not take bookings without a deposit and contract.


What constitutes as a Bridal booking/event?

Wedding ceremony and Reception fall under a bridal booking.

How long is a typical bridal booking?

Bridal hair & makeup typically takes about 2-3 hours on average to complete depending on the style/look. Also, give yourself time for dressing and getting ready. Keep this in mind when deciding on a start time.

What does a Bridal Trial include?

A bridal trial includes a full makeup application in which we talk about the brides personal taste and vision for her big day. I advise clients to bring pictures of looks that they are inspired by and pictures of their bridal outfit if they have already chosen one. I also spend some time going over skincare, lifestyle, and personality, to ensure the look we decide upon reflects the client perfectly.

When it comes to hair, either a verbal consultation is done or a full actual style, depending on what the client wants. It is advised that clients come to a bridal trial with no makeup on their face and natural hair, as this allows for a proper examination. A trial is just as much work as the actual wedding day makeup application or hairstyle so please be mindful that it can take anywhere from 1.5 hour to 2 hours. Again, the time and price may vary based on what has been discussed with the client prior to the trial.


What if I have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it is important that we discuss this before your appointment. I have products that cater to all skin types in my kit, however, on very rare occasions I advise clients to bring their own complexion products (foundation & powder) if they are highly concerned about reacting to products. Given we use the client's products, I cannot promise on the longevity and performance of the makeup.

Moreover, I use proper techniques and processes for ensuring that all the items in my kit are perfectly cleaned and sanitized. I never dip directly into liquid and cream products and I always use disposable applicators, alcohol, a spatula and a blank palette to work off of. I also use a cosmetic sanitizer specifically designed for powder products.

What makeup products do you use in your kit?

Please visit the "About" page. On this page you will find the logos of brands I use and carry in my kit.

"DO YOU...?"

Do you travel?

I am based out of Toronto, Canada however I am available worldwide! For destination bookings, travel and hotel fees must be paid for by the client in addition to the services booked. For local bookings, it is the client’s responsibility to provide travel fees, tolls and parking for the artist and team. If there is no visitor parking, the client must pay for parking for each vehicle. Please see the Rates and Services page for details.

Do you do hair as well?

Professional hairstylists I trust and admire do majority of the hair bookings.

Do you work alone or with a team?

I primarily work alone, however, I may add artists and hairstylists. This depends on a per need basis. If a client booking requires additional stylists, that can be arranged and additional pricing will be discussed.


Can the price be reduced for simple makeup?

Each makeup application is specialized for the client. To achieve any look, the process requires skill, time and technique. Natural and simple looks are not always easy to achieve regardless of how they appear. Sometimes, it takes more skill to achieve a natural look.

Pricing Quote

All quotes are valid for 14 days. If a quote is over 14 days, a new quote must be requested as prices are subject to change. However, all rates are valid and secured with a signed contract until the date of booking.


Please note all payments have to be made in Canadian currency. HST is included in the prices listed. I accept the following forms of payment; cash, e-transfer or PayPal.